Linturi's heartfelt poem to Kitany on her birthday

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So here is your thousand pictures... Every time I set my eyes on you, a part of me softens


When former Chief of Staff in the Deputy President Marianne Kitany took the stand on Wednesday, she started by describing their traditional wedding.

In a case that has been filled with all manner of accusations, today the court heard of another side of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi.

Despite painting an image of a brutal man who even evicted her and her children, Kitany revealed that Linturi has a soft and romantic side.


Here is the poem that Senator Mithika Linturi wrote for Marianne Kitany on her birthday that she presented in court;

To Marianne,

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, And a video is worth a thousand pictures,

So here is your thousand pictures. Every time I set my eyes on you, a part of me softens

You are my love, you are my world, you are my everything.

With you, I grow and glow, With you, I survive and thrive, With you, I live and dive.

Knowing that you will always be my side. Each day I thank the Lord, for the angel he sent me,


My angel is not up in the sky or out in the world. They are right there with me, they are right there in my heart. That angel is you.

On this special day, I would like to wish you the best. As I always do each and every day.

Happy Birthday My love,

From Frank


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