Man accuses officers of charging him twice

Njuguna says officers arrest him every time they raid Burma market, charge him with same offence

In Summary

• He says court was issued with same charge sheet issued in 2016 for selling giraffe and zebra meat

• But magistrate says he is seeing case for the first time, tells him to await full hearing

Antony Njuguna in a Kibera court
'NO JUSTICE': Antony Njuguna in a Kibera court

 A man charged with selling giraffe and zebra meat has told the court officers have kept on invading Burma market, arresting him and charging him with the offence since 2016.

Antony Njuguna told Kibera senior resident magistrate Boaz Ombewa that the charge sheet given to him was an old charge sheet as it resembles the one issued by the same court in 2016 with the same offence.

He asked the magistrate to stop the charges so as to get justice.

"They are forcing me to take a plea again. I request for your protection," Njuguna said.

However, Ombewa told him he was also seeing the charge sheet for the first time and urged him to relax.

Ombewa said it is impossible to 'fix' anyone as law courts are there to determine justice. 

“It is for us to determine if it is true or false. We hear the case to the end, that’s how courts operate,” the magistrate said.

Njuguna was charged that on June 29, he was arrested by KWS officers while selling the game meat approximated to be 74.7 kilogrammes.

He asked the court to give him lenient bond terms.

The magistrate ordered that the accused person be detained at the Industrial Area police station for the matter be consolidated before further directions are given.


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