Pension department no longer pick calls

In Summary

• Vocal Woman Rep demands Sh1m donation to church.

• What is ex-Treasury boss Henry Rotich discussing with Uhuru?.

Former Treasury CS Henry Rotich, CBK Patrick Njoroge with President Uhuru Kenyatta at the bank's 50th anniversary in Nairobi.
Former Treasury CS Henry Rotich, CBK Patrick Njoroge with President Uhuru Kenyatta at the bank's 50th anniversary in Nairobi.

HAS President Uhuru Kenyatta been meeting with former Treasury CS Henry Rotich? A small bird has told Corridors the two have met twice after Rotich was forced to step aside last month over the Kimwarer dam scandal. Those in the know say the long-time buddies met at State House a day after Rotich was charged and met again a week ago. What could they be discussing? Only time will tell.

THERE is anxiety among the staff at the Law Society of Kenya secretariat. Why? As the LSK annual conference kicks off at Pride Inn Hotel in Mombasa, the staff, who are already in the Coastal city, have yet to be paid their allowances. This was also the case last year when the secretariat personnel, the nerve centre of the society, were paid the penultimate day. In fact, it’s whispered the money was only released after a go-slow. Council members, on the other hand, are reportedly paid on time. The claims come at a time the society has been put on the spot for doublespeak. For instance, the LSK is pushing the government to pay a non-practising allowance to advocates. However, it pays no such allowance. The LSK also bashed Parliament for having no facility for lactating mothers, yet it also lacks such facilities.

A vocal woman representative from Central is locked up in a row with a church. Those who know her say she is the poster girl for scandals. This time, it involves donation she allegedly made to the church early this month. The event was graced by a senior Jubilee leader. The MP reportedly gave a personal contribution of Sh2 million and another Sh1m "from the President". The puzzle, however, was the Sh2 million. It turns out she is now demanding back Sh1 million. She claims she intended to give Sh1 million only. Sources whispered to Corridors that the church has refused to refund her, saying the money has been spent.

WE have previously told you of the mess that has rocked the pension department of the National Treasury. It's emerging, however, that despite the uproar, things are getting worse. In the past, the department has been advising retirees to make minor queries, such as the status of their pension just through a phone call. They said the phone conversation was just as effective and would save the retirees the trouble of travelling long distances. It’s now emerging, however, that the pension department no longer picks calls. Staff, mostly ladies working at the switchboard at the Treasury, are not shy to tell you to “stop wasting your time, pension no longer picks calls”. Acting Treasury CS Ukur Yattani should spearhead a radical grand housecleaning in this critical sector of government.