Ruto needs prayers to succeed Uhuru, says Baringo MP

The faithful expected to pray for leaders 'as they raise funds to continue with God's work'

In Summary

• MP says Jubilee was intact before the handshake and asks Uhuru and Ruto to salvage it before it collapses. 

• He wants Uhuru to control Raila 'who is taking the scared seat in the middle of his guest's house'. 

Baringo North MP William Cheptumo and Governor Stanley Kiptis during Catholic Church fundraiser in Kaptere on Sunday
'JUBILEE INTACT': Baringo North MP William Cheptumo and Governor Stanley Kiptis during Catholic Church fundraiser in Kaptere on Sunday

Only prayers will ensure that Deputy President William Ruto becomes the fifth president of Kenya, a Baringo legislator has said. 

William Cheptumo of Baringo North foresees an uphill task for Ruto’s ambitions of taking over from President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

“Ruto will become the next president of Kenya but only if the people stand to pray hard for him,” the Jubilee legislator said.

He said that as leaders continue fundraising to build God’s sanctuaries across the county, "we equally expect the faithful to turn up in large masses to pray for us as we forge ahead”.

He was addressing a Catholic Church fundraiser at Kaptere near Kabartonjo town in his constituency on Sunday.

Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis and Water Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui were present. 

Tame your visitor

Cheptumo said Jubilee was intact, unified and peaceful and hoped that the same spirit would be extended.

He said Jubilee accepted the handshake between Uhuru and ODM leader Raila Odinga hoping it would bring sanity and unify the county after the 2017 post-election violence.

“We allowed our new friend in the house and showed him the chair on where to sit, but he suddenly chose the sacred seat in the middle of the room,” Cheptumo complained.

"The rogue visitor went ahead to climb up the granary to remove firewood to start lighting a fire and cooking food in our house. In fact, he has even now shown some signs of entering the owner’s bedroom.”

The lawmaker urged Uhuru and Ruto to salvage the party "before it wears out".

“As the owner, I don’t think it will be hard to control a visitor irrespective of how arrogant or aggressive he may be,” he said.

The leaders supported the push for a referendum, saying it should be targeted towards bettering the lives of the citizens.

“It should not be used for political gains whatsoever or create positions for some few individuals,” Cheptumo said. 

 Kiptis said he does not care which of the amendments Kenyans support between the proposed Punguza Mizigo and Building Bridges Initiative “as long as the changes bring more resources to the county”. 

However, Cheptumo, who is the National Assembly Legal and Constitutional affairs chairman, said Kenyans should be engaged fully to understand the parts which need to be amended before the referendum. 

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