Ruling in Kibor, sons land dispute on October 7

Justice Anthony Ombwayo postpones determination, saying he needed more time to finalise the verdict

In Summary

Kibor claims his sons illegally sub-divided and took over 1,250 acres of his farm

Veteran politician Jackson Kibor at the High Court in Eldoret on July 29, 2019
CONTROVERSIAL: Veteran politician Jackson Kibor at the High Court in Eldoret on July 29, 2019

A determination of the land dispute between veteran Eldoret politician Jackson Kibor and his six sons will be made on October 7.

Justice Anthony Ombwayo of the Lands and Environment Court on Wednesday postponed the ruling saying it had not been finalised.


Kibor has accused his sons of grabbing the 1,547-acres land in Uasin Gishu county.

Kibor moved to court three years ago seeking to bar the sons from using the land. The sons said their father had transferred the plot them before changing his mind.

Kibor accused Elkana Kipleting, Evans Kipkosgei, Eric Kipchumba, Raymond Kibitok, Edwin Kipkoech and Ezekiel Kibor of fraudulently sub-dividing and processing titles for the land.

“They divided it among themselves on their own without my authority. I have asked the court to nullify the transfer of the land and order for the immediate surrender of the titles to me,” Kibor said on Wednesday.

He said the sons lied he had transferred the land to them. 

“I am the owner of the land which was illegally sub-divided and registered at Uasin Gishu county land registry without my consent,” Kibor said.

But on Wednesday, Ombwayo was not ready with the ruling.


“I need more time to deliver my ruling on this matter and I direct that the parties involved come back in court on October 7 when I will be ready with the ruling,” Ombwayo said.

Kibitok, Kibor's second son, got 250 acres. He told the court that his father had initiated sub-division of the land and they do not know why he changed his mind.

“The survey was done by the director of survey as directed by my father and the entire process ended on December 2, 1994,” Kibitok said.

He said Kibor allocated 20 acres to Samitoi Girls Secondary School, one acre to Seiyo PMCA church and 22 acres for the construction of a dam in the area within Soy constituency.

Kibitok said his father retained 235 acres which he registered as Kesenche A and Kesenche B.

Two years ago, Kibor was arrested after he attempted to shoot one of his sons whom he found using a tractor to till the land. Police disarmed the 86-year-old farmer.

Kibor denied he attempted to shoot his son, saying he only drew his gun in self-defense after the boys tried to attack him.

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