Dutch tycoon in messy divorce case goes missing

He had alleged his estranged Kenyan wife was in cahoots with police to harass him to grab all his properties

In Summary

• His sister claims she had been communicating with him daily till July 19 when his phone went off

• After he was reported missing, estranged wife said he flew to Thailand for urgent medical attention

Dutchman Tob Cohen
TROUBLED: Dutchman Tob Cohen

A Dutch tycoon entangled in a divorce case with his estranged Kenyan wife has gone missing three months after he raised complaints of intimidation by Kenyan police officers.

Tobs Limited Company CEO Tob Cohen had alleged that Sarah Wairimu in cahoots with the police were out to harass him in a bid to get all his properties. 

Through his lawyer Dunstan Omari, the family has written to the Inspector General of Police claiming Cohen has been missing from July 19. 


His sister Gabriele Cohen says she had been communicating with him on a daily basis "but his phone has been off since July 19".

“Due to his unusual silence, the relatives made a formal complaint to the Dutch police at Amsterdam who reported his sudden disappearance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Omari said.  

The lawyer says the ministry attempted calling Cohen unsuccessfully but would, later on, get in touch with Wairimu who curiously informed them that Cohen had flown to Thailand for three weeks for urgent medical attention.

It is also claimed that on July 22, Judy Thongori law firm, which acts for Wairimu, received a letter dated July 20 from an anonymous person allegedly authored by Cohen directing the firm to withdraw the case. 

Cohen, in a letter dated April 23, complained to the IG and office of the DPP about efforts by some police officers and his estranged wife to abuse the criminal justice system. 

In the letter, he outlined the genesis of the disagreement which revolves around his property situated along Fahari Lane Mugumoini. 

He requested the IG to be vigilant and to take action against the criminal acts of Wairimu.


Omari further says that on July 26, two representatives from his law firm visited Cohen’s premises and established that his house was deserted. His dog was in the house.

They made a report to the deputy OCS at Spring Valley police station who declined to have the complaint formally recorded in the Occurrence Book.

He further says the deputy OCS said he was privy to the information from Wairimu that Cohen had left for Thailand and had since written to the OCS with instructions to withdraw the complaint. 

“Investigations should be commenced as soon as possible with a view of establishing with certainty the whereabouts of Cohen,” Omari added.

The lawyer doubts Cohen's current status due to the "suspicious revelations from Wairimu about his current whereabouts and the background of the issues between the two". 

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