Ex-Philips CEO accuses estranged wife of assault

Cohen alleges Wairimu pushed him down stairs, pounced on him and kicked him as he bled

In Summary

• 69-year-old Dutch claims Wairimu is colluding with police officers against him.

• Says her intention is to have him deported so that she can take his property.

Former Philips Electronics East Africa chairman Tob Cohen
Former Philips Electronics East Africa chairman Tob Cohen
Image: FILE

Former Philips Electronics East Africa chairman Tob Cohen has complained of harassment and denial of his conjugal rights by his estranged wife.

Cohen has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Inspector General of Police over attempted abuse of the criminal justice system by Sarah Wairimu Kamotho.

“Unless your offices act speedily and accordingly, our client will continue to suffer humiliation, discrimination and persecution because he is not a Kenyan national, which is wrong, distasteful and unfortunate,” his lawyer Danson Omari wrote.


In the letter dated July 12, the 69-year-old Dutch businessman living in Kenya since 1987 claims Wairimu is colluding with officers from Parklands police station to prosecute him over assault.

 “My client is astonished at the manner in which the law is being applied to his disadvantage since no step has been taken by police officers at Parklands police station to prosecute Wairimu despite enough evidence demonstrating her guilt," the letter says.

It says on February 8, Cohen buried the hatchet and decided to let bygones be bygones after Wairimu approached him and offered him whisky.

“Around midnight, as he was standing on top of the stairs leading to the garden, Wairimu suddenly pushed him down stairs, causing our client to fall and seriously injure his forehead,” Omari says.

While he lay helpless on the floor bleeding, Wairimu allegedly pounced on him and pushed his head against the ground and kicked him.

The man says there has been excitement to prosecute him for allegedly assaulting Wairimu despite lack of evidence. He say the intention is to soil his reputation have him deported so that his property is left with Wairimu.

Cohen says he started living with Wairimu on May 30, 2007 at his Pallacio home.


After a while they started having misunderstanding allegedly occasioned by Wairimu who was his one time personal assistant. She demanded a 50 per cent stake in his property.

Lawyer Omari in the documents says the couple experienced deep misunderstanding over property to the extent that Wairimu denied Cohen his conjugal rights.

He says Wairimu has even taught her daughter to be disrespectful to Cohen whether in public or within the family.

“The disrespect has since been exacerbated by defamatory statements levied against Cohen with accusations being peddled by Wairimu that he has previously sought sex from their daughter’s male and female friends,” Omari says.