Chebukati says CEO recruitment process fair

Argues exercise has been done in strict adherence to the law and petitioner's sole intention is to merely delay it

In Summary

• Lobby representing lawyers is challenging appointment of commission boss.

• Wants IEBC to explain shortlisting of 10 out of 97 applicants and how the rest failed.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati.
IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati.

The IEBC has said the recruitment process to replace former CEO Ezra Chiloba has been open and transparent.

In response to a case filed by Chama cha Mawakili, IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati says CCM’s intention is to illegally stop the recruitment of the CEO and indefinitely suspend the recruitment for ulterior motives not recognized by the law.

He argues the recruitment process has been done in strict adherence to the law and the sole intention of the lobby group is to merely delay the process.


“It’s therefore in the public interest that the court declines to grant the temporary orders of injunction prayed for and allow the IEBC to finally fill the much needed and important vacancy of the position of CEO of the commission,” reads Chebukati’s affidavit.

CCM, a lobby representing lawyers, filed the case challenging the appointment of the commission’s chief executive officer.

CCM alleges that the IEBC has not explained to the public the justification for shortlisting the 10 candidates and how the rest failed the test.

The IEBC had on June 11 shortlisted 10 candidates out of 97 applicants for that position, and their interviews were scheduled for June 24 to 26.

But Chebukati has urged the court to dismiss the case and allow the process to proceed.

“To tell the court that the commission will appoint an unqualified candidate is not only extremely injurious to the persons and character of the already 10 shortlisted candidates, but it is also very premature as CCM has not forwarded any single comment regarding the 10 shortlisted candidates and their qualifications,” says Chebukati.

In the meantime, presiding Employment and Labor Relations Judge Byrum Ongaya extended orders stopping the recruitment and directed parties in the case to file and serve their submissions ahead of the hearing next Monday.