Kalonzo's son touted as next deputy governor of Kitui

Kenya's ambassador to Uganda Kiema Kilonzo might pick him as his running mate in 2022

In Summary

• Muasya says he has been picked among possible running mates but discussions were inconclusive'

• A photo has emerged of Kalonzo and his son Muasya visiting Kilonzo in Uganda

Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo, former VP and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and his son Kelvin Muasya in Uganda recently
RUNING MATE? Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo, former VP and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and his son Kelvin Muasya in Uganda recently
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Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s son Kelvin Muasya could be the next Kitui deputy governor if the political equation works in favour of Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo who is eyeing the gubernatorial seat.

Inside information indicates that Kilonzo, who is Kenya’s ambassador in Uganda, is keen to dislodge his erstwhile bosom friend and current governor  Charity Ngilu.

The ambassador, who has of late been holding meetings at home and away to strategise on wresting the governorship from Ngilu, has approached the former VP’s son to be his running mate. He would seek the Wiper party ticket.


A picture of Kalonzo, his son Muasya and Kilonzo taken recently in Uganda where the latter is stationed, has appeared in social media giving an indication that the discussions between Kilonzo and Muasya have Kalonzo’s blessing.

Kilonzo did not answer calls made to him to open up on the matter.  There was no response too to text messages and WhatsApp inquiries sent to the ambassador.

However, Kilonzo’s longtime political aide Gabriel Mutavania said he had daily contact with Kilonzo and he had never indicated that he would pick or he had picked Muasya as his running mate.

Muasya, who owns the Kamba language Athiani radio station, confirmed he had been approached by Kilonzo to be his running mate in 2022 but the discussions were not conclusive yet.

“I have not been picked as Kilonzo’s running mate. I have been fingered among many other persons whom Kiema Kilonzo wants to be his running mate in the coming elections. Any information that I have already been picked as the running mate is misleading,” he clarified on phone.

He said if the ongoing negotiations are concluded with him being nominated Kilonzo’s 2022 running mate, then a formal public announcement would be made.

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