Budget: You will pay more for boda boda, tuk tuk ride

Rotich has explained that the boda boda owners will have to purchase insurance cover for their customers

In Summary

• Boda boda owners will now be required to insure their passengers

• This will likely raise the fares 

Boda boda operators.
Boda boda operators.
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You may have to pay more in fares for your boda-boda ride home or to work if Parliament accepts proposals by Treasury CS Henry Rotich.

CS Henry Rotich on Thursday announced that the boda-boda and tuk-tuk owners will have to purchase an insurance cover for their customers. 

He explained this is necessary to curb the accidents that have been witnessed on the roads involving these means of transport.


The directive, if adopted by the National assembly, is likely to make life even harder for the citizens given that the riders will most likely push the costs of the insurance covers to the customers. 

These means of transport are popular in cities and rural areas of the country alike given that they are more affordable, easily available and can access places with poor road network. 

It is also an industry popular with the youth because it provides ready employment.

They are also convenient for fast moves to beat traffic or cover long distances within a short time. 

The move by the CS is expected to raise uproar among the riders and more so the citizens who will be affected directly by the fare spikes.