Passaris tracks down culprit behind fake Sonko bedroom photo

In Summary

• Woman Rep sent money to man who helped her track down culprit.

Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris.
Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris.
Image: FILE

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris's efforts to find the culprit responsible for circulating photoshopped images to depict her and Governor Mike Sonko in a compormising position have paid off.

On Tuesday, Passaris took to Twitter to ask for help.

She wrote, "Calling on #KOT Bureau of Investigations: Sh10,000 Cash Award to anyone who can identify the three original photos used in this lame photoshop mashup. From #RecordingArtist to #DigitalArtist. What next?"

Sonko responded to the tweet, saying the culprits were idle.

"I can see some idleness by some hired people here. This is photoshop, I don't hug from behind," he said.

Passaris tweeted a Kenyan had helped her find the culprit.

She tweeted, "NFB6J1NBD4 Confirmed. Ksh10,200.00 sent to JOHN KIHENJA 0728 ** ** 05 on 11/6/19 at 4:32 PM."

On Monday, Passaris called out Sonko for alleging she received double pay for staying at a hotel during a parliamentary meeting.

She also faulted the governor for alleging she had told him to go to her room at the Intercontinental Hotel.

She said, "I would love the hotel, Intercontinental, to access all my private data as to when I stayed in that hotel."

Passaris said her two-day stay at the hotel was during the Parliamentary induction exercise in 2017. 

The conversation she had with the governor was him asking whether she would attend the induction since there was speculation ODM politicians would boycott the session. 

"I actually said 'Governor I've checked in, I'm actually here'... So when you take things out of context and try to create a story that is false, forgetting that I am a mother of young adults, a mother of an entire county and forgetting that I am a child and wife of someone. I think it is distasteful and degrading," Passaris said.