KWS rangers find human skull in Kajiado

They suspect it is of a man thought to have been killed by a stray elephant

In Summary

• Lenku gives KWS till Tuesday to find stray elephants or residents will kill them.

•  Three people have been killed by stray animals from Chyulu Hills National Park in three weeks.

Elephants in the wild
DANGER: Elephants in the wild
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Shock has rocked Masimba and Merrueshi locations of Kajiado county after a human skull was discovered in the bushes on Tuesday night.

Kajiado senior Kenya Wildlife Service warden Muteru Njauuini said on Wednesday it is suspected the skull is that of a man who went missing on May 24.

“We also suspect the man was killed by a stray elephant, and now this brings to three the people who have been killed by marauding jumbos from Chyulu Hills National Park in a span of three weeks,” Njauuini said.

Governor Joseph Lenku arrived from Kenyewa-Poka ward where he visited on Tuesday to condole with families who have lost their loved ones to the ongoing elephant menace.

Lenku gave the wildlife agency until Tuesday next week to hunt down all killer elephants or he would allow the residents to kill them.

"Three lives have been lost senselessly in the last three weeks. No other person will die as we watch. We want KWS to kill their offending elephants or the people will kill them. Let them take note," Lenku said.

He said the entire villages in Masimba and Merrueshi were living in fear with school children now unable to freely attend classes out of fear. 

The governor was accompanied by Kenyewa-Poka MCA Henry Kimiti. Lenku said KWS had been dishonest in their mandate.

"One and half years ago, KWS told Kajiado residents that they would compensate deaths and injuries caused by wildlife. No one has been paid so far. We take great exception to this injustice."

The governor's remarks were made at a public baraza at Ilkulunyeti village in the presence of Mashuuru deputy county commissioner Stephen Nyakundi, who acknowledged the threat posed by the wildlife.


Community leaders who spoke at the baraza endorsed the proposal to close several schools until the wild animals are contained.

Kajiado Knut executive secretary Elly Korinko supported the resolution to close the schools if KWS was unable to drive away their animals.

(Edited by R.Wamochie)