Two children found dead after complaining of stomachache

Third child in hospital, was found unconscious

In Summary

• They are feared to have succumbed to food poisoning. 

• Neighbours say the children had complained of stomachaches the previous day. 

Crime scene
Crime scene
Image: /THE STAR

A family in Kitui is mourning two of their three children who died in bed from a mysterious illness on Friday morning.

However, sources said it was believed that the children, Saumu Bakari and her brother Nasir Bakari died of food poisoning and they had complained of stomach aches.

The incident that happened at Syokataka village in Mwembe Tayari area of Nzambani district in the outskirts of Kitui town and was confirmed by OCPD Joseph Obulo.

The father, Bakari Omari, 60, who works at the Kitui multipurpose training institute, said three children on Thursday evening complained of stomach ache and dizziness as they went to bed.

Obulo said the children were discovered dead on their bed by their mother at around 8 am on Friday. The third child, Rehema Bakari, was found unconscious and rushed to hospital by neighbours.

He added that they were still unwell when their father checked on them at 6am before he left for work. He said he called his estranged wife Kasyoka Mbuvi, 41,  to take the children to the hospital.

However, when Kasyoka went to see the children, she found them dead and the third writhing in pain.

Obulo said the police took the bodies to Kitui Level 4 Hospital morgue for preservation as investigations into the cause of death are underway.

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