Fake news poses threat to digital transformation - Oguna

Digital economy is at the heart of the Big Four agenda

In Summary

• Says fake news now a major hazard. 

• February 2018 and February 2019, 638,400 Kenyans benefited from digital jobs.

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna
Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna

Fake news is a challenge to digital transformation in the country, government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has said.

In his first press conference, the retired colonel said fake news is now a major hazard  to citizens. 

“Digital transformation, as we have already experienced in our day to day lives, has multiple benefits for our people. It speeds up processes...but it also presents challenges,” Oguna said.


Referring to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s launch of the Digital Economy Blueprint for Africa on Wednesday in Rwanda, he said Kenya’s blueprint is now the foundation to help other countries fully adopt a digital economy.

Oguna said with the focus on digital government, digital business, infrastructure, innovation driven entrepreneurship and digita, the digital economy is at the heart of the Big Four agenda.

Oguna said said despite rampant fake news in Kenya, a number of people have also benefited from the growth and development of digital skills.

“Kenyans are already reaping the fruits of this digital economy. For instance, there has been improved access to goods and services, both private and public," Oguna said.

Data from the National Household Survey indicated that 638,400 Kenyans benefited from digitally created jobs between February 2018 and February 2019.