KDF accused of torturing man over alleged Al Shabaab link

In Summary

• The family says the man was arrested on Wednesday at 10 am.

• He was found on Friday at 6 pm with injuries.

KDF officers in Somalia in this past photo.
KDF officers in Somalia in this past photo.
Image: FILE

A 26-year-old man from Tana River who was allegedly captured by Kenya Defence Forces on Wednesday and disappeared has been found with serious injuries.

KDF officers within Tana Delta sub-county had arrested Ahmed Ali according to his family.

Ali is said to have been removed from a matatu at Nyogoro, an area along Lamu-Garsen road, during the morning arrest.


His family say the officers were armed.


Ali was found blindfolded and dumped within the Gamba area on Friday at 6 pm. He had blood stains, his brother Qureish Ali said.

However, Tana River police commander Fredrick Ochieng' said there has been no complaint lodged.

“He must first make an official report after which we can open an inquiry," Ochieng' said.

If there will be a need for us to liaise with KDF, we shall do that. As at now, I don’t have an official complaint.
Tana River police commander Fredrick Ochieng'

Muslims for Human Rights documented the case.

Muhuri said the victim's family claimed KDF officers inflicted the injuries on his body.

Qureish claimed Ali suffered a broken rib during the two-day torture.

“The torture occurred inside a KDF camp in Tana Delta. Ali was denied meals save for water," Qureish said.


He said his brother was punched, kicked and clobbered.

Qureish claimed the officers questioned Ali about Al Shabaab operations. He said his brother did not answer because he knows nothing.

Muhuri chairman Khelef Khalifa said the area KDF commandant must be held accountable for torture.

“Human rights violations are so rampant that it is almost institutionalised by depicting Muslims as potential Al Shabaab terrorists,” he said.

“This is a pure state of terrorism against innocent civilians and must be stopped or will act as a factor pushing victims to Al Shabaab." 

Muhuri's rapid response officer Francis Auma condemned the attack and termed it as reckless and against principles of human rights.

Auma said cases of KDF brutalities are on the rise.

“People are suffering in silence especially in Tana River and Lamu. KDF operations are becoming violent. They must follow the law,” he said.

Auma said they are helping the family to get an OB number and fill a P3 form.

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