Sect couple charged with denying son treatment

Baby's aunt took him to hospital, they rejected him after discharge saying he was unholy.

In Summary

• Kavonokia sect parents of five have lost other children to ailments after rejecting medical treatment.

• Had kept him at home, praying for his recovery. Charged with denying him treatment.

Derrick Karani and Wamwere Gitau in a Embu court Wednesday.
ONLY GOD HEALS: Derrick Karani and Wamwere Gitau in a Embu court Wednesday.

A couple has been charged in Embu for refusing to take their 13-month-old son to the hospital because their religion rejects modern medicine.

After he finally was treated and discharged, they refused to take him back, saying he was unholy.

Derrick Kimani and Wamwere Gitau of Mukuuri village in Embu West subcounty have lost other children after rejecting medical treatment.


The Kavonokia sect parents of five were praying for their ailing son. They have lost other children for lack of medical care.

They were charged with denying the baby his right to medical services. 

 The couple was reported by the husband's sister Jane Kawira, who was informed by other relatives that the couple had refused to take their 13-month-old son for immunisation and treatment.

Kawira said she rushed to the home and demanded they take the child to the hospital but they refused, saying they were praying for him.

She then forcefully took him to Embu Level 5 Teaching and Referral Hospital where he was admitted. She stayed at the hospital with him.

The suspects then refused to take him after he was discharged, saying he was unholy, prompting Kawira to report them to Itabua police station. 

Embu Chief Magistrate Maxwell Gicheru fixed May 22 for plea taking. 

(Edited by R.Wamochie)