KOT pissed by Murkomen's 'ban sinners from contributing tithes' remarks

In Summary

• Ole Sapit says churches should not be used as an avenue for politicians’ to speak.

• Senator Murkomen sarcastically tweeted it will be great to see churches ban all harambees in church.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.
Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen’s sarcastic response to Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit over politicians who take the advantage of harambees in churches has attracted strong reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

“It will be great to see churches ban all Harambees in church. It will be even greater to see them ban sinners from contributing tithes, offerings and Harambee donations in church. Maybe then we shall truly say we are in Caanan or better still heaven on earth!” Senator Murkomen tweeted.

Sapit on Tuesday during an anti-graft multi-sectoral team address to the media on corruption and debts in the country said harambees should not be demonized. He also said churches should not be used as an avenue for politicians’ to politick.

“We need to dissect and identify the way of giving. This hype that I have to be known, I have to be given a position and an opportunity to speak is what the church is now saying no to," Sapit said.

His words reflect his comments on Friday during Easter celebrations where he had said that church harambees should be a quiet act of worship.

“We should do harambees quietly and give money without announcing, and everybody is giving because it is an act of worship,” Ole Sapit.

Murkommen's comment was equally critisised by Kenyans on Twitter, with some saying he was mocking the church.

“As you say it's better than looting, then take back in form of tithes.. those are holy places not for campaigns,”  @YIAMPOITHOMAS said.

“Stop mocking God senator. Blasphemy never ends well,” @pmmunene said.

@RobertAlai said, "Si lazima you post kila ujinga kwa akili ,ingine mtu hujiekea tu." (You don't have to post every stupidity in your brain. Keep some to yourself)

“House of the Lord should remain clean. Period,”@ammyambrose rweeted.

@DennisM292  said, “Just accept that we have a handshake that is working against you and your people. This handshake will ensure some of you are in jail very soon.”

“We must sanitize our politics and put an end to your "Escobarian" kind of engagement, where you rob the state and dish out to unsuspecting Kenyans. You can't organize politics along ethnicity and still organize us along our hard earned stolen cash,” @ owinokotieno said.

“The Bible says the judgment is not ours. It's only God who can judge. We are all sinners” @JTomno replied.  

“God blesses tithes from hard work and not from proceeds of NYS and Arror & Kimarwer Dams loot,” @FdOngito said.

@OchiengJames said, “I only request the churches to use the 'tithe' well. At least help the poor build hospital, open schools for the needy. I request pastors not to join you in politics just to go find out where you get so much for themselves”

“Why is there so much apathy when it comes to Harambee for schools? Serious leaders should focus more on education for the children first” @RabalaDonald asked.

@omondimoses said, “You loot public funds then share in harambees to seek sympathy with the church”

“Banning harambees in churches is just a scapegoat for a government that is incompetent to investigate and prosecute the corrupt,” @Wakilimutichilo said.

Last week,  Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula lamented that church leaders are sacrificing their cardinal duty of providing spiritual nourishment to society at the altar of mammon. He added that they are dancing with the devil.

“Someone steals from Kenyans and comes to the church and donates Sh10 million and the priest holds his head and prays for him,” he said.