Raila is not the default Opposition leader, he's trying to heal

Senator challenges Mudavadi, other leaders to assume the role of Opposition leader

In Summary

• People who were condemning him for opposing are opposing him now for working with government. 

• Raila is moving towards his sunset years and cannot oppose forever. 

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga
ODM Party leader Raila Odinga
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First of all, Raila Odinga was not born to be an opposition leader. And up to this time, Raila has been fighting to get into government so he can change people's lives, not to be in the Opposition.

If he now has a chance to impact positively on the lives of his people, let him do so. That is the essence of leadership and I am not in any way condemning his involvement in government. 

We got loans to do dams, to generally fund various development projects in the country, yet there have been situations where certain regions do not get developed. 

First, I don't think if there is anything wrong if the SGR reaches Kisumu. The standard gauge railway is going to open up the Western frontier. People of Kakamega, Busia, Vihiga and Bungoma will benefit from it.  Therefore, we cannot condemn that which is coming to help our people.

Second, truth be told, Raila is headed towards his sunset years and therefore he can't continue wasting time opposing. 

I remember people were condemning him for opposing everything. Now that he is working with the current establishment, the same people are condemning him for working with the government towards development. 

Raila Odinga is not going to China for is personal gains. He is going there for a noble cause. He is advising the President. Even President Uhuru Kenyatta himself said Raila advises him on key issues. 

Therefore, why are those people who are in government complaining about having tranquillity and peace in the country? what do they want? Do they want conflict? Do they want disharmony in the country? I think Kenyans have always wanted this environment to heal the economy.

Those people are condemning Raila for working with Uhuru are egocentric. To be specific, Deputy President William Ruto's camp is all about their ambitions and aspirations for 2022.

Raila has not announced that he will vie in 2022. But if we will find that he is the only person who can handle William Ruto, then he will have to be on the ballot because there will be no other option. 

We cannot allow a regime which is full of corruption, impunity and ego-centrism to take over the leadership of this country. I think Uhuru Kenyatta already knows that. 

So, I don't want to join the people who want to condemn Raila for working with the government. We have had leaders who made horrible blunders in the past but they were still elected. Even Ruto wants to be elected and we know his character.

Then, let the likes of Musalia Mudavadi play the roles of Opposition leader. It must not always be Raila. Raila is not in the Constitution as the official leader of the Opposition. Let Musalia and other leaders play that role.

The Kakamega senator spoke to the Star