KDF, police chiefs launch Huduma Namba registration for staff

Mwathethe and Mutyambai tell personnel to be listed within the 45-day period given by the government

In Summary

• Chief of Defence Forces urged Army, Navy and Airforce commanders to hasten the process. 

• Trained servicemen will register KDF troops at localities deemed difficult to access by the civilian registration assistants.

The Kenya Defence Forces and the National Police Service bosses yesterday launched Huduma Namba registration for their respective charges.

General Samson Mwathethe launched the drive at the Department of Defence while Inspector General of the Police Hillary Mutyambai did the same at Jogoo House.

Mwathethe urged military bosses to ensure all personnel are registered.

“I wish to urge service commanders – Kenya Air force, Army and the Navy - to fasttrack the process and ensure the service personnel are registered within the 45 days that the government has given us,” he said.

Some KDF officers have already acquired registered through Huduma centres and chiefs’ offices countrywide.

Mwathethe said due to the soldiers' unique working environment, the government has made considerations for military personnel to be registered within the barracks and military bases.

But officers in military barracks outside Nairobi will be registered by the subcounty registration teams.

The regional, county and sub county commissioners are the contact persons and will facilitate the process for military officers.

The ministries of Interior and ICT have trained 63 KDF servicemen as registration assistants.

“The trained servicemen will register KDF troops at localities deemed difficult to access by the civilian registration assistants," Mwathethe said.

On the other hand, Mutyambai told all police officers to take the registration seriously and register within the specified period.

The drive started on April 2 and will continue for 45 days.

Registration is happening at all chiefs and assistant chief’s offices, other government offices and select registration centres. It is done every day including weekends and public holidays.

Edited by Pamela Wanambisi