Bees terrorize villagers in Kyuso

Many people left nursing injuries in Monday attack

In Summary

•Insects kill a goat  belonging to assistant chief's father

•No one knows where the bees came from as they were not from nearby hives

Livestock officer Muinde Musyoka explains how bee hives are used during a past field day in Kyuso
DEADLY INSECTS: Livestock officer Muinde Musyoka explains how bee hives are used during a past field day in Kyuso

A swarm of ferocious bees on Monday descended on Muambani village in Kamuwongo sublocation in Kitui county and stung a goat to death.

Many villagers were left nursing injuries as  the bees stung people and livestock across the  village.

 Kamuwongo assistant chief  Savali Kariva  confirmed the insects killed one of his father’s goats.

“The bees attacked a herd of my father Kariva Milili’s goats at around noon and one of them is already dead. Two of the goats are in critical condition and could also die," he said.

"The rest of the herd was rescued by some brave village young men who endured the painful stings,” the assistant chief said.

He said the bees were so hostile and did not appear to come from nearby bee hives.

“Villagers view the attacking insects as mysterious because they did not come from the nearby hives. No one knows where they came from. They have attacked people in a number of homes in Muamba village,” he said.

He said the bees forced people to abandon whatever they were doing and retreated to the safety of their houses. “A numbers of families have locked themselves in their house and the marauding bees menacingly hover around,” he said.

“We have advised the villagers not to venture out until they are sure the bees have cleared from the area,” the administrator said.