SH200,000 DEBT

Nyamira governor's brother-in-law jailed

County driver on the run for four month, jailed for 30 days till he clears Sh200,000 debt

In Summary

• Hillary Obutu, a brother to the Governor's wife Naomi Nyagarama, also works for the county as a driver

•  He was on the run, jailed for 30 days until he clears debt


Nyamira county governor John Nyagarama.
Nyamira county governor John Nyagarama.

A relative of Nyamira County Governor John Nyagarama is to spend a month in jail for failure to clear a Sh200,00 debt.

Hillary Obutu, a brother to the Governor's wife Naomi Nyagarama, was arrested in Nyamira town after four months on the run.

He was arraigned on Friday evening before Kisii senior resident magistrate Simphy Makil who sent him to Kisii Prison.

Obutu was flushed from his hideout on Friday morning by detectives who had been tracking him since an arrest warrant was issued four months ago.

He also works as a driver for the county.

He was charged with failing to pay Fred Michira the money he had borrowed to help in a family emergency.

It took Makil five minutes to rule that Obutu be committed to 30 days in jail until he refunds the debt.

The prosecution told the court that Obutu consistently failed to heed calls to refund the money and cut communication with the debtor.

Yesterday, Michira a medic, told the Star how on April 6, 2018, through his friend, Obutu asked him for money. He promised to pay it back in a month.

The suspect changed his mobile number to evade Michiri and other debtors, the police said.

Michira said the man told him he was Governor Nyagarama's brother when he approached him for help.

"The thought that he was out to con me was not on my mind as he was the governor's relative," he said.

One person said he had been conned by Obutu who sat in the governor's chair and bragged that he could secure him a promotion.

(Edited by V. Graham)