EXPERT COMMENT: IPOA committed to clean police service

A file photo of IPOA office. /FILE
A file photo of IPOA office. /FILE

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority conducted independent investigations into the death of Martin Koome Manyara, who was assaulted by former Ruaraka OCS, chief inspector Nahashon Mutua.

The authority’s investigation established that Manyara was hit several times with a rod and his head immersed in water at Ruaraka police station. Manyara had been locked up in the cells at the time of the incident.

However, despite the injuries sustained during the attack, he continued to be locked up in the cells overnight without any medical attention.

It was until the following day that Manyara was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital, where he succumbed to injuries. After thorough investigations, the authority forwarded the inquiry file to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Ipoa recommended that Mutua be charged with the murder of Manyara given the cogent evidence we established.

After perusing the file, the DPP concurred with the authority’s findings and recommended that Mutua be charged with Manyara's murder since he died while in custody.

On August 24, 2015, the ODPP directed that Mutua be arrested and charged with the murder. He was on December 13 last year found guilty of killing Manyara, who was in his custody at a time when he was in charge of Ruaraka police station.

The case has continued in court for the last three or so years. Consequently, Justice Stella Mutuku yesterday sentenced Mutua to death.

“The evidence against Nahashon Mutua was overwhelming. The deceased suffered a lot of pain when he was assaulted by the officers. This court has no other option but to sentence (him) to death since he is the one who committed the crime,” judge Mutuku ruled.

This milestone decision reiterates IPOA’s commitment to professionalise the National Police Service through holding to account culpable rogue officers and also exonerating those who are falsely accused. This aims at bringing to life Article 244 of the Constitution.

Ipoa is committed to fulfilling its mandate as a civilian oversight institution and will remain steadfast in ensuring justice for victims of police brutality and executions.

The writer is the Ipoa chairperson