Stop attacking Sonko, Nairobi MCAs tell 'busybody' Sakaja

Polycarp Igathe, Mike Sonko and Johnson Sakaja during the launch of the Nairobi county manifesto ahead of the August 8 general election, July 23, 2017. /Monicah Mwangi
Polycarp Igathe, Mike Sonko and Johnson Sakaja during the launch of the Nairobi county manifesto ahead of the August 8 general election, July 23, 2017. /Monicah Mwangi

MCAs in Nairobi have criticised Senator Johnson Sakaja over his remarks that the county government is not properly constituted.

They accused him of fighting Governor Mike Sonko instead of defending the interests of devolution in the Senate.

“He is busy fighting the county government thinking that he will use that to ascend to the seat of the Governor," Majority leader Abdi Guyo said.

He spoke on behalf of other MCAs on Monday in his office.

On Tuesday last week, Sakaja said on Citizen TV's JK Live that Sonko's government is ill constituted owing to the many vacant positions.

He said the Deputy Governor's

post as well as some county executives and chief officers' positions are vacant.

The position of Deputy Governor has remained vacant since Polycarp Igathe resigned in January last year.

Sakaja said this makes the county vulnerable since someone can move to court and seek

its dissolution.

“The Constitution says that a properly constituted county government comprises a Governor, Deputy Governor, 10 CECs, chief officers, directors, and other officials,” he said.

Currently, Nairobi has five county

executives out of the required 10.

Governor Sonko has either suspended some CECs over alleged misuse of funds, incompetence or disloyalty.

In the latest incident, Janet Ouko resigned as Education CEC on January 7.

She said at a press conference "she felt it was time for her to pursue and focus on "other issues".


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She later told the Star in an exclusive interview that CECs were taken through certain systems and policies as part of induction.

However, a few months down the line, it started to emerge that those systems were non-existent.

“At City Hall, there doesn’t exist any respect for systems or policies.”

Sonko hit back and accused Ouko of accepting to be used by cartels to defraud education bursaries, an assertion she rejected. She demanded an apology from the Governor.

MCAs said Sakaja was not objective and sincere in his criticism of the county government.

"Which law states that if there is no substantive Speaker or Deputy Governor then that county government is not properly constituted? Sakaja's argument has no meaning and weight,'” Guyo said.

He said the Senator has become a busybody and has forgotten his constitutional mandate of protecting the county.

"Tell him to be objective in his criticism, he should not be subjective and when he quotes anything he should quote something that is anchored either in the Constitution, County Government Act or any relevant law," Guyo said.

Meanwhile, Guyo rubbished calls by some MCAs to remove acting Speaker Chege Mwaura.

Mwaura, who is also Ngara MCA, was elected in September last year following the impeachment of Beatrice Elachi.

But two weeks ago, some ward reps claimed that Mwaura had 'over overstayed the position and called for his removal.

"The acting Speaker is going nowhere. In fact, we will confirm him as our Speaker so that he can continue with his duties," Guyo said.