Cattle rustling: Kenyans laud Ugandan minister's shoot-to-kill order

Uganda's State Minister for Karamojong affairs Moses Kizige (C). /COURTESY
Uganda's State Minister for Karamojong affairs Moses Kizige (C). /COURTESY

A Ugandan minister was praised on Monday for giving a

shoot-to-kill order against

Kenyan cattle rustlers.

The State Minister for Karamojong Affairs, Moses Kizige, gave the order to Uganda People’s Defence Forces in Amudat during the celebrations to mark the National Resistance Movement day on January 26.

According to NTV Uganda, Kizige said while the government had disarmed Karamojong warriors, their peace was being threatened by armed Pokot and Turkana cattle rustlers from Kenya and South Sudan.

“The government didn’t disarm the Karamojong to allow armed pastoralists from neighbouring countries to disturb them. We shall now start killing them to save the lives of our harmless people in Karamoja,” he said.

The order has attracted support from Kenyans on social media.

"He is on point, Kenya should also strive to disarm them, they are illegal arms after all,"

Black Templer said on Kenya Talk forum.

"Kenya needs to give the same orders. Anyone "rustling" cattle is an armed robber. Just shoot them dead irrespective of their origin!" Use Less said

"They rustle under the cover of darkness but move during the day with arms. The same solution should be implemented in Kenya. Armed pastoralists to be shot," Ken Sarro said.

"What did they used to do before? Sing them lullabies?" Greedy Genius asked.

"Impressive order," Caro said.

Kizige, however, said that Uganda was ready to help disciplined


In 2015,

Kajiado county commissioner Harsame Kello gave a shoot-to-kill order

for cattle raiders.

He said there was no difference between a bank robber and a cattle thief.

“Anyone found with stolen animals like what the village elders have said let him or her be shot dead,” Kello said.

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