Divorcee awarded Sh6.5 million says life in danger

"The Mombasa law court was told Noor Mohamed wanted his sister Zahara Pote to be deported so he could take over property." /FILE
"The Mombasa law court was told Noor Mohamed wanted his sister Zahara Pote to be deported so he could take over property." /FILE

A divorcee awarded Sh6.5 million after separating with her mentally-ill husband now claims her life and that of her son are in danger.

Firdaus Somo ended her eight-year marriage with Abubakar Mohamed after the husband reportedly issued a divorce declaration.

She moved to court in 2011 to quash the move arguing that Mohamed could not have instructed for a divorce because he was not in the right state of mind.

Speaking to the Star on Friday, Somo said she did not sire any child with Mohamed but her stepchildren pushed for the breakup.

She, however, did not say the source of the death threats but recorded

a statement with police on November 22.

"That was the second time i'm

reporting threats on her life.

The first was on June 11, 2017," She said.

In March 2017, the Kadhi's Court at Mombasa judged that Mohamed mental state did not allow the union to continue and consequently ended it.

Senior resident Kadhi Khamis Ramadhan, mandated by Sharia law to warrant a divorce, ordered the money be paid within seven days.

He said the money would cover 2011-2017, a period the suit covered before judgement was delivered.

The award was also for Edda maintenance -- a mandatory period prescribed in Islamic Sharia for a woman to observe after the demise of husband or upon separation through a divorce.

The money was further to cater for Somo's past maintenance.

Mohamed, however, moved to High Court and filed an appeal.

Somo objected claiming Mohamed's acute depression cannot allow him to issue instructions to his lawyers.

In January this year, the High Court ruled in Somo's favour.

Mohamed is now at the Court of Appeal stating he has healed and capable of entering into a legal battle.

On November 8 this year, three judges at the court of appeal, W. Karanja, M. K. Koome and J. Otieno-Odek, allowed Mohamed to file an appeal within 14 days.

By the close of business on Thursday, Mohamed had not complied.

Court documents show Mohamed property is worth over Sh100 million.

He owns two houses in Nyali and one in Ganjoni (Sh80 million).

Ganjoni was Somo's matrimonial home which she reported to have been kicked out from.