NSSF saga: Atwoli fights to have his name gazetted as board member

COTU boss Francis Atwoli during a presser at his office. /FILE
COTU boss Francis Atwoli during a presser at his office. /FILE

COTU boss Francis Atwoli wants the DCI and ODPP to conduct investigations into circumstances that led to government printers delay in publishing a gazette notice listing him as an NSSF Board member.

"COTU (K) calls upon the DCI together with the ODPP to move in and establish the circumstances under which names sent out to the Government Press for gazettement as a procedural matter could be blocked and the printer held hostage by an individual serving his own personal interests," he said in a statement on Sunday.

On Wednesday last week, it emerged during a court hearing that the government printers had delayed in publishing a gazette notice with Atwoli as a member of the NSSF Board of trustees.

The COTU boss had sued Labour CS Ukur Yatani for failing to reappoint him to the board.

The Labour court suspended, with immediate effect, board meetings until he is re-appointed and gazetted as a board member nominated by COTU.


Atwoli also wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to directly intervene in the ongoing scuffle at the NSSF.

"The issue has been pending at the Government Press for over a month, save the Workers' Fund from imminent looting by an influential individual in government and his proxies," he said.

The union boss accused a senior Jubilee politician and the government of blocking his gazettement nd the Federation of Kenya Employers Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo.

"The intentions and interests of these forces against the gazettement of COTU (K) to the Board are clear as they are already strategising on looting NSSF through coercion and intimidation to the top management at the Fund," he said.

"The senior politician interjected and sent out threats to the management at the government printer not to proceed and gazette the duo lest they face unspecified action from," he added.

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