Boinnet orders probe into killings of cop, two civilians in Kisii

Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet. PHOTO/COURTESY
Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet. PHOTO/COURTESY

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet has ordered immediate investigations into the killing of three people including an officer in Kenyenya police station, Kisii.

"I have ordered the Internal Affairs Unit to launch immediate investigations into the matter with a view to establishing culpability and having anyone responsible for the mayhem charged in court," Boinnet said in a tweet on Thursday.

Paul Onderi (40), Hesbon Onkoma 27 and Tom Onyango (police officer) were killed during a mob attack at the station on Wednesday evening.

Police officers Erick Okemo and Jonathan Musonic sustained injuries.

Police vehicles were also damaged.

According to the police, there was a clash between officers protecting the station and the mob that had stormed the police station protesting

the death of a matatu driver after being arrested by officers from the


At around 1300 hrs, police were on normal patrol within Magenche area with a team which they found a matatu parked on the road.

The driver then upon seeing the officers, drove off towards Mokomoni direction.

The police officers followed the vehicle and found it parked outside Mokomoni secondary.

Police said the driver got out of the vehicle and escaped in which three officers gave chase and got hold of him.

"As they were taking him to the police vehicle, the driver fainted.

He was then taken to Kenyenya sub-county hospital where he died,"a police statement read.

Later, the angry mob came to the station with the body alleging it was the police who killed him.

Police said the mob became unruly and begun

pelting stones at the police station.

"We then called for reinforcement from Kisii police Division.

On arrival, the officers were met with stones pelted by unruly youth," it read.

As the situation was being bought, to control to save the police which was surrounded and under siege by crowd threatening to burn it, several deaths occurred.

All the bodies were taken to Kisii level six hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

But witnesses in the area said

police officer hit a conductor with a gun butt and the conductor collapsed. The conductor was then pronounced dead upon arrival at Kenyenya district hospital.

"Villagers took the body to the police station and demanded justice.

An officer then killed a Boda Boda operator in the ensuing confrontation outside the station," the witness said.

He said that the villagers mobilised themselves and cornered an officer and butchered him and seriously injured two others.


pupil was also shot and seriously injured and is set to undergo an operation today to remove a bullet lodged in his body," he added.

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