MPs warn of contraband sugar 'repackaged' in Mumias Sugar bags

Mumias sugar./LUKE AWICH
Mumias sugar./LUKE AWICH

Three MPs from Western Kenya on Tuesday alleged that contraband sugar is being secretly repackaged in Mumias Sugar bags and sold to Kenyans.

The MPs Godfrey Osotsi (nominated), Caleb Amisi (Saboti) and Busia Woman representative Florence Mutua said sugar barons have hatched a scheme to cripple further the largest sugar miller in the country.

According to the lawmakers, the excess sugar imported in the country last year are cleverly repackaged in Mumias sugar bags and stocked in the retail shops in various towns in the country.

The bags -seen by The Star- had no production or expiry date.

"Mumias Sugar Company for the past six months have not produced any sugar. Supermarkets I talked to said they received large quantities of Mumias Sugar which were quickly bought off the shelves by Kenyans," said Osotsi.

Osostsi noted he contacted management of MSC company who confirmed the company has no sugar in the market.

Amisi called on DCI to take over the matter and bring to book those behind the repackaging.

"The fact that the report failed on the floor of the House does not mean we leave the sugar barons to do whatever they want," added Mutua.

The leaders were speaking at parliament buildings.

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