[VIDEO] Toka nje! Drama at City Hall as MCAs evict Elachi

MCAs want Speaker Elachi evicted.Maureen Kinyajui.
MCAs want Speaker Elachi evicted.Maureen Kinyajui.

Some MCAs



shouted outside Speaker Beatrice Elachi's office trying to forcefully access her office.

The MCAs were seen shouting as police officers were forced to intervene.

"Uiiiiii.. uuuuui.. toka nje bwana, apana tambua wewe,. Akwende" one MCA was heard shouting.

(Uuuuui, get out, we do not know you. Let her leave)

The unknown MCA was seen dancing as she continued asking the speaker to get out of her office.

"Enough is enough she should leave," she said.

Elachi who wore pink suit was seen untouchable as she drunk her water while standing.

Majority leader Abdi Guyo and minority leader Elias Otieno

led the MCAs into Elachi's office as they continued shouting.

Guyo has asked Elachi to leave her office in an orderly manner.

More to follow...