Police to question Obado on Sharon

GRIEF: Sharon’s uncle Joshua Okongo consoles Melida Auma after viewing the body of her daughter at Rachuonyo Level 4 hospital mortuary in Oyugis. /ROBERT OMOLLO
GRIEF: Sharon’s uncle Joshua Okongo consoles Melida Auma after viewing the body of her daughter at Rachuonyo Level 4 hospital mortuary in Oyugis. /ROBERT OMOLLO

Police investigating the murder of Sharon Otieno were planning last evening to question Migori governor Okoth Obado.

The homicide team that was dispatched to Migori and Homa Bay has so far recorded statements from seven people, including her parents and friends.

They have all implicated Obado.

Yesterday, Obado dispatched his lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, to witness the postmortem performed by chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

The preliminary results released last night showed that Sharon died from excessive bleeding.


Oduor also revealed that autopsy results indicated that the second-year medical records student may have been raped before her murder.

The government pathologist said the bleeding was caused by a total of eight stab wounds.

“She was stabbed three times in the neck, four times in the back and in the left side of the abdomen,” Oduor said.

He said the victim’s body also bore signs of strangulation and bruises that suggested she attempted to fight her killers.

Oduor spoke at the end of the postmortem examination of Sharon's body at the Rachuonyo Level 4 Hospital in Homa Bay county.

Obado was represented by a private pathologist and Ombeta.

Sharon’s family was represented by a private pathologist after they requested one.

Oduor said the stab wound on Sharon's body went through her abdomen and pierced the unborn baby. She was seven months' pregnant, according to family sources.

Oduor said the stab wound went all the way through to her back.

“It means that the baby also died from the same injuries that the late Sharon sustained," he said.

The pathologist said samples have been taken for further analysis to enable medical detectives to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome murder.


Sharon was abducted on Monday alongside Nation journalist Barack Oduor from a hotel in Rongo.

The journalist however managed to escape by jumping out of the moving vehicle and seeking help.

He told reporters that they were lured into the abduction by Governor Obado’s personal assistant Michael Juma Oyamo who is currently in custody.

Sharon’s body was discovered two days later on Wednesday near Kodera Forest, Homa Bay county.

Obado has not been seen in public since Sharon was abducted on Monday. He was last seen at the Kisumu airport on Monday when he boarded a plane for Nairobi.

He was due to represent the Council of Governors at a meeting in Rwanda that ended yesterday, however, he did not travel. His phone has also been off since Thursday.

The police in Nairobi, meanwhile, were analysing Sharon's phone to establish the contacts she made through calls and text messages.

They are particularly focussing on the conversations between her and Obado in the last three months because those who have recorded statements claim that the two had a falling out a few weeks ago.

The police are also doing multi-lateration, which involves looking at phone signals from her phone and the suspects, including Obado's, as they seek to place them together.

The police yesterday were also able to gain access to Obado's aide Oyamo's mobile phone and are hoping to find some clues.

The investigators also believe that the child Sharon was carrying, and its DNA, could provide a major clue in their search for the killer and the motive.

It has been claimed that Obado had an affair with Sharon and according to her mother, Hellen, the Governor had sent her daughter money for abortion.


Seven people among them Homa Bay based Journalist Barack Oduor who was abducted together with the murdered university student have recorded statements with the police.

Others who have been questioned by the police include waiters at two restaurants where Odour, Sharon and an aide to governor Obando area said to have met before the kidnap and murder of the pregnant woman.

Two residents near the forest where Sharon’s body was discovered have also been questioned by the police.

Police intend to use the DNA findings of the foetus to nail the killers of Sharon.

“The murder revolves around the unborn baby; the question is who would have wanted Sharon dead? said a senior officer involved in the probe.

The source said investigators would obtain DNA sample from the foetus which will be used to match that of people suspected to have impregnated Sharon.

DCI officer Hassan Siyad has revealed in court documents of plans to question Governor Obando in connection with the murder of Sharon.

“We are following all leads, including claims that Sharon could have been involved with Obado," said the investigator.