Suspect in Mukhtar shooting dies in cell

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama [L] with former finance CEC Idriss Mukhtar[r] at a past event.Photo/Stephen Astariko
Garissa Governor Nathif Jama [L] with former finance CEC Idriss Mukhtar[r] at a past event.Photo/Stephen Astariko

A suspect in the attempted murder case of former Garissa Finance executive Idris Mukhtar is dead.

He is said to have pulled the trigger on Mukhtar. The man, who died in a Parklands police cell, is said to have confessed to the police how he was contracted to kill Mukhtar as he left a mosque in Kileleshwa.

A report by police chiefs said the man committed suicide, but the circumstances are unclear. A source said the suspect hanged himself with his pullover.

The middle-aged man from Dandora reporteddly confessed he was contracted by a relative of Garissa governor Ali Korane to kill Mukhtar.

The man, whom police believe pulled the trigger, was reported dead yesterday noon in the hands of the police. “The OCS was called by a man from the cells who banged the door and said the suspect committed suicide,” an officer said.

Our source said the dead man was among three hired gunmen from Dandora. They were implicated in the attempted murder and were transferred from Kilimani to Parklands.

Officers from the Homicide Unit are interrogating three suspects. Nairobi based lawyer Charles Kanjama has also recorded a statement with the police. The hired assassins are said to have been planning to eliminate him, too. Kanjama yesterday declined to divulge contents of his statement. Mukhtar was shot on August 19. He was taken to Nairobi Hospital where he is currently in critical condition.

A Nairobi court granted detectives 15 days to detain the three prime suspects. Milimani resident magistrate Sonia Nzibi allowed the application filed by sergeant Peter Kanagi from the Homicide Unit. The suspects will face attempted murder charges. Preliminary investigations show Sh600,000 changed hands from both the planners and the executors.

“Evidence of a planned and well networked endeavour to kill the victim was being hatched,” the affidavit says.

Evidence in the case includes collecting and collating communication evidence from CCTV cameras, data analysis, mobile phones, M-Pesa and bank transactions, document examinations and other electronic evidence from October 2017, when Mukhtar received his initial threats.

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