Drug dealers 'marrying' Kenya girls to aid trafficking

Fred Matiang'i
Fred Matiang'i

The government has fired 28 immigration officers and deported 60 foreigners who were in the country illegally, Interior CS Fred Matiang'i has said.

The immigration officers were involved in corruption and issuance of passports without

due diligence.

Matiang'i said some of the foreigners

pretend that they are married to Kenyan girls yet they are trading in drugs.

"They have been pretending that they have papers and we are going to continue to deport more. These people are hiding in restaurants here in Kenya," he said.

Speaking when he addressed regional security heads on Friday, Matiang'i said he has signed a covenant with Immigration boss Gordon Kihalangwa that they must deliver in their work and make Kenyans proud.

"Please when you meet this people arrest them immediately. Let them go! We must clean up our country off this nonsense," he said.

"Let's get this work done... with very serious focus... these people must go back to wherever they came from," he said.

"... drug dealers have come to Nairobi and confused our girls... marriage must be proved by law. This nonsense has to come to an end."

He said the number of drug dealers operating in Nairobi claiming to be married to Kenyan women has grown over time.

"They are misusing our children... you must have a certificate. If your marriage is less than three years you must have a work permit. This wakoras saying they are married... they are just cohabiting with our girls. They use our girls as mules who carry drugs."

Matiang'i asked parents and guardians to ensure they protect their children who are allegedly married to the foreigners.

"In our baraza's let us educate our people. Let us stop this stupidity... we have mapped out Nairobi where we will begin operations tonight. We know where the drug dealers are staying," he said.

In June, the government said it would deport 41 foreigners linked to importation of contraband goods and illegal trade in the country.

The deportees were arrested from various estates within Nairobi where they have been engaging in illegal trade.

Most of them were found assembling illegal gambling machines which are usually imported disguised as motor vehicle spare parts.

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