Kisumu residents accuse police of illegal raids, extortion

A file photo of Kisumu Central police station. /MAURICE ALAL
A file photo of Kisumu Central police station. /MAURICE ALAL

Kisumu residents have raised the alarm over an increase in illegal raids that they claim police use to extort money from them.

Led by Audi Ogada, who is

Kisumu City Residents Voice Association chairman, they claimed that officers have abandoned their work and turned into fraudsters and extortionists.

Ogada said residents of Nyamasaria, Molem and Rabuor Buoy areas are living in fear due to

raids orchestrated by police.

In a press release on Thursday, he said a group of six notorious police officers and prison warders have been storming into homes and demanding money.

“We are reliably informed that the group led by two officers - one identified as Ochola from Central police station and his alleged accomplice from Kodiaga prison - have become a security threat to residents,” Ogada said.

The chairman claimed that the officers use tuk tuks and that they recently raided a hotel and destroyed property.

The chair said victims reported the raids at Kisumu police station (OB-70/13/8/2018 and OB-71/13/8/2018).

Ogada noted that police must always vigorously oppose and combat criminal activities, not get involved

in crimes.

“Any officer involved in criminal acts is not fit to serve and must be arrested and prosecuted,” he said and demanded that authorities take action.

“In view of these heinous acts by security agents, I am appealing to the top police leadership in Kisumu and IG Joseph Boinnet to thoroughly investigate the six officers mentioned and have appropriate action taken."

County police commander Job Boronjo said he had received the report and that investigations were on.

"Stern action will be taken against the officers,” he said, and

accused them of using the name of the Kisumu Central OCS

to carry out illegal activities.

“There is now way the OCS can deploy officers in a tuk tuk yet there is a police vehicle,” he noted.

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