Lions spotted along Magadi Road back in Nairobi park - KWS

Nairobi Lion
Nairobi Lion

The lions that were spotted moving along Magadi Rroad between Galleria Mall and Catholic University have returned to the park, Kenya Wildlife

Service has said.

Speaking to the Star on Tuesday, Communications officer Paul Udoto said their team has confirmed that the cats have since retreated back to the Nairobi National Park after they were spotted in the morning.

The lions roamed the area around 6am.

"....Our Nairobi teams are on site and footprints indicate the lions are back in the

Nairobi national park," he told the Star on the phone.

Udoto said KWS teams are still on the ground just in case any lion is spotted, adding that they are not sure how many lions might have been seen in the area.

On July 9, the KWS

dispatched a team of officers to locate three lions that escaped from

Solio Ranch.

The cats were spotted near

Mt Kenya Holiday Homes and Golf Resort.

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