Government to cut funding for older universities

The entrance to Kenyatta university. Photo/File
The entrance to Kenyatta university. Photo/File

Funding will be cut for older universities this financial year, data from a research firm has revealed.

This comes amid the government's implementation

of the Differentiated Unit Cost system to wipe away the previous model of funding that saw it operate on flat capitation rate of Sh120,000 per student.

This implies that the government will fund institutions based on programmes taught and the number of students in each one.

In the new model, medical students will receive Sh576,000, pharmacy Sh432,000 and general arts Sh144,000 each.

A research by CPS international, whose findings were released on Tuesday, noted that the University of Nairobi will receive Sh4.5 billion this financial year.

This was attributed to the large number of government-sponsored students in the institution.

However, this is a Sh1.8 billion decrease from the Sh6.3 billion they received in the 2017/18 financial year.

Egerton will receive Sh2.1 billion from the previous Sh2.8 million while

Kenyatta University will get a cut of Sh300 million, to Sh2.8 billion this financial year.

JKUAT will receive Sh1.4 billion compared to 1.7 billion in the 2017/18 period.

Recently accredited universities will record slight increments in capitation. Among them are Machakos University College, University of Eldoret, Technical University of Mombasa and Technical University of Kenya.


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