DCI boss Kinoti proposes new polices to help victims of sexual violence

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti. COURTESY
Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti. COURTESY

The Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti ha proposed formulation of new policies that will help police deal with cases of sexual violence.

Kinoti on Saturday said such strong policies will help adjudicate some of the critical issues surrounding sexual violence cases that have taken so lightly for a long time.

The DCI boss was speaking at a Nairobi hotel during a forum on sexual based violence.

Kinoti however took issues with how police have been handling the cases subjecting victims to more suffering and trauma.

He said most of sexual abuse victims have ended giving up on their quest to justice as either police collude with suspects or just are never willing to help.

Kinoti said it surprises most of the victims are abused by persons well known to them.

"Sometimes I have seen what happens in our police stations and let me honestly say why should someone not be served by the officer manning the OB desk. Why should we always open a special file here and there when it comes to cases of sexual violence. We are simply running away form our responsibilities," he said.


Kinoti said going forward, the police through his leadership will play their role where they are supposed to.

"We must come up with a practical solution to this problem. So far we have changed our curriculum to incorporate education on sexual violence matters and once our Forensic Laboratory is operational. We will be able to have DNA results in real time," he assured.

Kinoti said the forensic lab will be a key milestone in fast-racking investigations and the police will have no excuse.


While applauding men who have suffered sexual violence in one or the other for coming out to share their experiences, Kinoti said men are suffering just like women in sexual violence and thus those who speak out should not be stigmatised.

Sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape, harassment, stalking, indecent exposure, degrading sexual imagery and voyeurism are some of the leading forms of sexual violence.

Others are sexual trafficking and cyber harassment.