Man admits selling cat meat samosas for eight years in Nakuru

Man who skins cats. /RITA DAMARY
Man who skins cats. /RITA DAMARY

For the last eight year, James Mukangi has been making a living from selling cat meat samosas to unsuspecting Nakuru residents.

Mukangi says he has made over Sh 500,000 through his business.

"I have ready clients who I have been selling the cat meat to for close to eight years," the 34-year-old man confessed when he was busted skinning a cat to make Samosa.

Mukangi was caught red-handed in an open field along the railway lines outside Nakuru town.

Out of fear of being lynched, he admitted that he has always been preparing his samosas with cat meat.

"There's always a high demand of the cat meat but I have always failed to meet it due to lack of cats in my area. For the close to eight years, I have skinned over 1100 cats. It was hard when I started the business but my clientele has grown," Mukangu said.

When he was cornered on Sunday, he had already cut off the neck of a cat

and was in the process of removing the skin.

Police officers from the nearby Ukulima Police post rescued him and he will be arraigned today.

According to Dr Githui Kaba, a county veterinary officer, eating cat meat is unsafe and illegal as the meat is also not inspected.

The incident shocked residents who took to social media to express their anger.

They said it was unfair for unscrupulous traders to use cat meat to make samosas.

Mary Yatich said..."Jeez! To make samosas? Traders can be very unfair and uncaring ".

Peter Mogaka posted.." he is supposed to be made to eat that meat before even being arraigned in court. What uncouth way of making quick money?

Another one Kamau Gathengi wrote... "its a crazy world full of crazy people. How can someone think of skinning the innocent thing? How on earth? I hope I haven't taken any of those samosas made of skinned cats"


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