Laboso puts Bomet drug thieves on notice

Bomet governor Joyce Laboso. /FILE
Bomet governor Joyce Laboso. /FILE
Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso has threatened to sack county employees who are stealing drugs from hospitals.
There have been reports that some medical staff were colluding with private pharmacy owners to steal drugs from county health facilities.
A furious Laboso read the riot act, saying all workers must be accountable.
She said the county had bought enough drugs yet there are reports that some hospitals had run out of medicine.
She asked residents to volunteer information about those stealing drugs.
"We want to be watchful. If anyone knows about an incident in which drugs were stolen, please report to me. We need to show these thieves the exit door," Laboso said.
She promised not to reveal the identity of those volunteering information.
Laboso spoke at Chesambai in Chepalungu Forest where she led a team of World Wide for Nature (WWF) in planting trees.
WWF directors Johannes Kirchgatter, country manager Mohamed Awer and

Kenya Forest Service officers were present.

Kirchgatter said the organisation seeks to plant 100 million trees across Africa in its re-afforestation programme.
Laboso said the county will build shelters for rangers and fence the forest.
in the area and also in

fencing the forest to protect it from further destruction.