Save Murang'a men from murderous wives, Nderitu Njoka asks police

Maendeleo Ya Wanaume chairman Nderitu Njoka speaking to the media at a Nyeri hotel during a past briefing. /FILE
Maendeleo Ya Wanaume chairman Nderitu Njoka speaking to the media at a Nyeri hotel during a past briefing. /FILE

Murang’a county has become a hotspot for violence against men, Maendeleo ya Wanaume chairman Nderitu Njoka has said.

Njoka said it is worrying that there are so many incidents of women meting violence against their husbands.

He urged the police to speed up investigations and prosecution of suspects.

Speaking to the Star, Njoka noted that in most cases, victims have made reports of previous attacks only to end up being killed because of authorities' inaction.

"There is the need for the courts to issue punitive sentences against the convicted to discourage potential culprits," he said on Monday.

Njoka noted that there are tens of domestic violence cases against men that are reported in police stations in Murang’a county.

"We should not just wait to hear of other murder cases even before the previous ones are concluded."

"We need to deal with this issue conclusively to avert more deaths of spouses and innocent children," Njoka said.

Njoka said this after a 22-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly stabbing her husband in their home in Gacharaigu village in Kangema sub-county.

Julius Njuguna, 25, died as he was receiving treatment in Murang’a general hospital for the knife injuries.


Last month, Gatunguru principal Samuel Mbogo was brutally murdered in his home in Gakurwe village, Murang’a East sub-county.

His wife was booked following the incident and denied the murder charge before Justice Kanyi Kimondo.


Two years ago, Kiru principal Solomon Mbithi was murdered and his body dumped in a coffee estate in Kiambu county where it was found weeks after he went missing.

His wife Jane Muthoni is facing a murder charge at the Kiambu law court where the case is on-going.

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Njoka, however, faulted elders and the church for failing to offer direction and spiritual guidance to couples.

Both parties, he noted, have failed to provide an atmosphere that encourages people to approach them for help when they are faced with difficult marital and social issues.

"It is also hard to ask for help from people who may have contributed to the problem in the first place," he said.

He cited cases of chiefs, pastors and elders being caught in incidents that lower their integrity and cause people to lose faith in them.

Njoka welcomed affected couples to his organisation saying they will be attended to by special counselors.

"We have assisted many people to have peaceful families. Let us reach out when we need help on a problem that threatens to break our families," he said.