Prosecute 'big fish' to win corruption war, AG Paul Kihara tells EACC

Attorney General Kihara Kariuki in his office at his chambers on Monday, May 28. /COURTESY
Attorney General Kihara Kariuki in his office at his chambers on Monday, May 28. /COURTESY

Attorney General Justice Paul Kihara Kariuki has asked the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to prosecute the 'big fish' to boost Kenyans' confidence in the fight against corruption.

He said citizens will never appreciate EACC efforts to stem corruption if high profile individuals named in corruption scandals are not prosecuted.

"Wanjiku has every right to demand for the immediate prosecution of ‘big fish’, and it is our duty as government to ensure such people are speedily investigated, prosecuted, and jailed as appropriate," he said.

'Big Fish' is a term used in Kenya to refer

to high profile Kenyans engaging in corruption but who are never prosecuted due to their influence.

Public confidence in the authorities tasked with investigating and prosecuting corrupt suspects has dwindled over the years amid concerns that not a single high profile individual has ever been jailed in the history of Kenya’s fight against corruption starting with the 1990's Goldenberg scam.

The same scenario has been replicated in other multi-billion scandals that have happened over the years notably Anglo Leasing, Chicken Gate, Afya House scandal, and Eurobond.

The courts have over time cited lack of or insufficient evidence as the reason why suspects were let off the hook.

In this regard, the AG called for better collaboration between investigators, prosecutors, and the Judiciary to speedily conclude the cases.

"It is through this way that Kenyans can appreciate the seriousness with which the government is handling corruption."

Kariuki spoke on Monday when EACC chairperson Archbishop (Rtd) Eliud Wabukala accompanied by EACC Commissioners paid him a courtesy call at his chambers.

EACC Deputy Chair Sophia Lepuchirit, Commissioners Rose Macharia, Abdi Maalim Dabar, Mwaniki Gachoka and Deputy CEO Michael Mubea were present.

In his remarks, Wabukala acknowledged the great expectations Kenyans have on the Commission and promised to deliver on their mandate.

He said the commission was currently handling 300 cases daily, and assured Kenyans of speedy investigations to help restore their confidence in the Commission.

The remarks by the AG

came as the axe started falling on those mentioned to have been involved in the alleged looting of Sh9 billion at the National Youth Service.

About 17 key suspects, who include senior NYS officials and businessmen, .

Police said 13 suspects were arrested in Nairobi while 4 others were arrested in Naivasha.

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