Let’s shelve succession talk and focus on Big Four

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta

Let us give President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto an opportunity to deliver the Jubilee manifesto instead of igniting political fires.

It is more than four years to the 2022 General Election and sprouting political campaigns at this juncture will only deny Kenyans a crucial opportunity to benefit from the implementation of the Big Four agenda.

Kenyans are expecting the President and his Deputy to roll out the Big Four in earnest, which is the best decision that the two have made.

Instead of focusing on political re-alignments ahead of 2022 and sparking off unnecessary political debate, we should give Kenyans a chance to benefit from the Jubilee manifesto. We have a bigger agenda as Jubilee, but that is for 2022.

As Jubilee and Nasa MPs, we should focus on assisting our two leaders in completing pending development projects. Uhuru needs to leave a sparkling legacy, and he will only achieve his goal if we support him at this critical juncture.

If we can focus on development as leaders, we will make this nation a better place for all of us. We had a bruising and drawn-out political campaigns last year in which some candidates were victorious while others lost.

We held two Presidential elections in the space of months. As leaders, we should now shelve the 2022 poll debate and implement what we promised voters.

Leadership positions are given by the people of Kenya as enshrined in the Constitution. My opinion is that we cannot continue dwelling on politics day in and day out.

In my constituency, I have many projects which I purpose to complete. I have dedicated my time in serving my constituency both in Parliament and at the grassroots because they gave me the chance to lead.

Of late, I have seen politicians traversing the country precipitating the 2022 succession debate. To me, I think it is time we stopped this push and pull and concentrated on service delivery. There is time for everything.

Such politicians are setting wananchi on a wrong political path.

The effects of leaders holding political campaign meetings at this time is that we could easily lose focus and concentrate all our time and energy on politics.

We need a united Kenya so that we can make big strides together as a nation.

The writer is MP for Kitui South

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