Graduate constables to get inspector's salary after audit - Kavuludi

Administration police perform a silent drill during their pass out parade at their Embakasi APTC. /FILE
Administration police perform a silent drill during their pass out parade at their Embakasi APTC. /FILE

The police service has denied claims that it intends to scrap special salaries for graduate constables.

The National Police Service Commission

said the pay is legally protected and provided in the policy guidelines.

In a statement on Tuesday, NPSC chairman Johnston Kavuludi, however, said such officers must present their degree certificates to the inspector general.

Kavuludi said the officers whose certificates meet the commission's approval are granted a special salary equivalent to the entitlement of an inspector of police.

"For officers to qualify for payment in this category, they must present their degree certificates to the inspector general, the deputy inspector general and Director in criminal investigations respectively for


and submission for consideration and authentication," he said.


"I am satisfied that the officers selected in this category meet the standards required for entry into the rank of the inspector avails an


to the officers to proceed


training as an


when vacancies


Kavuludi added that the commission has already held a discussion with the council for people with disabilities so as to verify disability status of the concerned officers.

He said this will be with the view of submitting them to duly appointed medical boards for possible tax relief.

".....the medical board will advise the commission on the status of officers with disabilities. Only then will the officers continue enjoying the benefits that come with their status which include tax exemptions and retirement of age 65 years," Kavuludi said.

NPSC CEO Joseph Onyango reportedly wrote to IG Joseph Boinett on

March 7 proposing the stoppage of additional payments and the reversal of tax exemptions, benefits of salary adjustments and variations based on disability.

The letter also stated that police offices should acquire

additional education certificates (degrees).


Kavuludi further

said that irregularities have been occurring in the payroll, whereby some officers without the authorisation of Inspector General and approval of commission are introduced into the payroll.

He said the commission will be cleansed through an audit.

"The payroll will be cleansed through an audit to identify isolate and remove those for such payment, "

He further said that following consultations with the Ministry of Interior and Inspector General measures will be taken to ensure that officers meet their prearranged financial commitments so that their salaries can reflect in March 2018 payroll.

Kavuludi advised the affected officers to submit their Certificates, transcripts, and Testimonials for verification and aprroval to the commission through the Inspector General.