Keep Wanjigi's wife out of men wars, Mutahi Ngunyi says on fake obituary

Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi and his wife addressing Journalists at his home after the police left./EZEKIEL AMING'A
Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi and his wife addressing Journalists at his home after the police left./EZEKIEL AMING'A

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has condemned the 'fake obituary' for

Jimmy Wanjigi

saying his wife should be kept off 'wars of men'.

"On the Jimi Wanjigi obituary, the Daily Nation has no excuse. He should sue them for failing to exercise "Duty of Care," Ngunyi said via Twitter on Friday.

Wanjigi, a businessman described the supposed death announcement published in the Daily Nation's Wednesday edition as horrific.

He said

the publication did not hurt him as such but has affected his family a great deal.

"I don't take it lightly and I must say what they did was did not hurt me as much as it hurt my family," Wanjigi said.


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Ngunyi added:"And to Wanjigi's enemies, ".. keep his woman, and children out of our wars as men". I defend him as my 'Rika" (age-mate).

This post elicited mixed reactions from his followers who agreed and disagreed with him.

"Can't believe someone can sink this low, whether politics or otherwise. What exactly motivated the person to do such an evil thing?"

@mwangicw said.

@dzombosamson said "But even this nation media house...Couldn't they just check.

With family and friends before such.

A print !!

Clearly someone must seriously be held accountable."

"That's better, people should fight against themselves maturely," @AgosaPhoebe said.

@LMuhangani said "Mutahi Ngunyi, its okayi I concur with your sentiments on that obituary, having said that, the conspiracy was hatched long ago, and maybe other means have failed before, we know who broke into his House sometimes


@Zuyder_reen said "For the first time in a VERY long time i see sense in your post."

"But it seems the ki kulacho ki nguoni. Its seem the "boys" are behind the Wars. Has deal gone sour with Jimi?For Jimi,it is eating with 'sword',"@MartoNjau said.

@evanort said "Atleast for once you have tweeted something that makes sense and healthy for many of us."

"‏It is only men who have nurtured cowardice within them, that use the fear-bullets, intimidation & false alarm. Surely since when did ladies of soldiers get dragged to battlefield. Children too! !?"

@sir_grevin said.

Wanjigi told journalists at the DCI headquarters that he will take legal action against Nation Media Group.

"I have my international lawyers and we are taking all this matter against Nation. I have children schooling abroad who were called with information that their father is dead," he said.

Daily Nation ran an obituary which announcing a businessman James Wanjagi's death, causing an uproar after it emerged the picture used was that of Wanjigi.

"It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of James Richard Wanjagi...which occurred after a failed armed robbery in Nairobi’s Karen estate," the obituary read in part.

The death announcement was published on page 49 of the newspaper's daily edition.

In a statement on Wednesday, Nation Media Group apologised to the family of Wanjigi for any harm caused by the obituary.

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