Al Shabaab destroy Hormuud mast in Elwak

The mast that was destroyed on Saturday morning. COURTESY
The mast that was destroyed on Saturday morning. COURTESY

Al Shabaab militants have destroyed a Hormuud communication mast located on the Somalia border town of Elwak.

Police say the militants were retaliating to earlier reports of locals communicating with Somalia security forces and the Kenya Amisom troops.


According to police sources, the AMISOM forces were collecting information from the residents in preparation for a medical camp that was set to take place in ELWAK next week.

The terrorists attacked the mask at 2 am on Saturday.

"The troops were just asking about the number of children available, the common ailments among the elderly and the number of expectant mothers but the militants accused us sharing information about their whereabouts." an Elwak elder said.

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The locals are aggrieved by the militants who in December also destroyed a water well in Lafey.

The well was sunk by the Kenya military troops to help them access water.

Many districts in Somalia are currently facing drought as the militants continue to make the lives of Somalis unbearable.

The terror outfit has in the recent past denied children and women access to humanitarian aid and even executed whoever they suspected of not cooperating with them.

On January 2, four security officers were killed in an attack in Mandera.

Two police reservists and an AP died instantly while another KPR was killed while being rushed to the hospital.

A senior police officer said the attackers waylaid the cops along the Elwak - Kitulo road.