IPOA to give DPP files on post-election killings, assault by police

Police officers search a motorcyclist's bag during Mombasa anti-IEBC demos. /JOHN CHESOLI
Police officers search a motorcyclist's bag during Mombasa anti-IEBC demos. /JOHN CHESOLI

IPOA will forward three files to the DPP to prosecute police who killed or assaulted protesters after the August 8 general election.

Chairman Macharia Njeru said some of the files are by police in Nairobi, Kisumu and parts of Rift Valley.

Last week in a joint report Human Rights Watch and Amnesty Internation said police had killed at least 50 people in Nairobi.


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Kenya National Commission on Human Rights documented

37 deaths in three days after the declaration of the president across the country.

The reports also said that hundreds had been treated with cruelty, tortured and left nursing injuries.

This happened in opposition strongholds and the victims are mostly from one ethnic group.

In the recent election-related cases, Macharia said they had completed three in investigations.

So far one file has been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for action.

"The other two are going through the internal process. They will be submitted as soon as they are finalised together with other files.

We will be concluding more on weekly basis.

"However, our work is being hampered by the fact that as we endeavour to conclude a matter other urgent ones pop up,” Macharia said.

On other pending cases, he said they were making progress.

He added that most cases were recent and gathering evidence that meets the required threshold takes time.

We are however overwhelmed by the increase in cases,” he said calling for patience to allow investigators process watertight evidence that can secure the successful prosecution in each case.

This comes as five more people were killed last week by police.


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