Milk, meat uptake to increase due to population surge

Milk on the shelf of a supermarket. /FILE
Milk on the shelf of a supermarket. /FILE

Consumption of meat, milk and eggs is set to increase due to an urban population surge.

Gabriel Rugalema, Food and Agriculture Organisation representative in Kenya said consumption of milk and meat is likely to increase by 170 per cent by 2050.
“Beef consumption will increase from the current 467,000 metric tonnes to about 1.3 million metric tonnes, while milk consumption will increase from 1,329 metric tonnes to 4,898 in the next 33 years,” he said.
Rugalema added that in 2050, Kenya’s population will be about 96 million, up from 46 million today. Out of that, 41 million people will be in urban areas.
The World Bank says that by 2020, 40 per cent of Kenyans will live in cities and in 2033, Kenya will reach another tipping point because half of its population will be living in urban areas. The numbers of urban centres will also increase.
Agriculture CS Willy Bett said Kenya is a net importer of red meat and other animal products and there is need for a comprehensive approach to increase productivity to meet the growing demand.
He spoke during the launch of the FAO Project on Africa Sustainable Livestock 2050, which is being funded by USAID.

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