Social media abuzz after Uhuru meets Trump at G7 summit

President Uhuru Kenyatta greets US President Donald Trump at the G7 summit in Italy. /PSCU
President Uhuru Kenyatta greets US President Donald Trump at the G7 summit in Italy. /PSCU

Photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta meeting US President Donald Trump have Kenyans abuzz on social media.

Uhuru and Trump met at the

start of the G7 summit in Italy on Friday.

The two were photographed shaking hands before the a performance by the La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra in the ancient Greek theatre as part of the



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Some took the opportunity to make jokes about it on Saturday.

"Uhuru shaking hands with Trump will soon be on a billboard as part of 'Government delivers' the photos on instagram are too much,"

MediaMK said.

Cyprian Nyakundi‏ said "Jubilee will use the Uhuru Trump handshake photos as campaign posters. lol."




is a national development... Ooo my goodness... Digital twins," John Owuor said.

Emmy Oritah Otieno said

"I really don't like the idea of that fellow Trump shaking my President's hand ! What a hypocrite !! The abuse he gave African leaders."

But other users congratulated Uhuru for meeting Trump.

Dekalah‏ said "This guy President Uhuru Kenyatta is so powerful where is the opposition!"

"Uhuru is at work here.... Good this shows how Kenya is well known in the world both ways bad/good," Dana Rozen said.

Wameni Fredrick Shiko said "Strong handshake!!!! May Gods favour be upon you, and may he silence all your enemies."

Other users criticised the President, asking him if shaking Trump's hands will lower the cost of living.

There has been public uproar over the prices of basic products, including unga, milk and sugar.

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"Will shaking Trump's hand lower prices of milk, sugar n create job opportunities for Kenyans!!??? please spare us this crap!"

Davy David


Uhuru arrived in Taormina on Friday where he will showcase Kenya’s achievements at the G7 Summit as well as meet leaders of the world’s most industrialised countries.

G7 leaders are Trump, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British PM Theresa May, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, newly elected President Emmanuel Macron of France, and Italy's PM Paolo Gentiloni.

Uhuru flew to Sigonella Airbase in Sicily and then by helicopter to Taormina, a seaside resort heavily protected ahead of the summit.

Ahead of the visit to Italy, Uhuru said he saw Kenya as an ambassador for Africa at the G7, and a partner for the industrialised countries in key areas of concern – including security, the fight against terrorism, technology and innovation development, as well as deepening inclusive economic growth.

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