MCAs to earn salary until March 2018 - Court

Vihiga county assembly in session. /FILE
Vihiga county assembly in session. /FILE

MCAs countrywide will earn a salary until their five-year term expires in March 2018, a High court has ruled.

Judge Chacha Mwita, however, declined to change election date for governors to March 4, 2018, as sought.

Justice Mwita said under the law, the five-year term for current MCAs comes to an end in March.

"As such, they are entitled to salary until that time."

He was making a judgement in the case filed by Andrew Kiplimo Sang, County Assembly Forum, and Richard Ouma.

The country has 2,526 MCAs each earning a basic salary of Sh165,000.

In a month, their wage bill amounts to Sh416 million.

This means they will get Sh2.9 billion in the seven months if the ruling is not challenged in the Appeals court.

The current Parliament and the 47 county assemblies were installed in March 2013 after the general election.

The Constitution says that elections are to be held on the second Tuesday of August in the fifth year.

While the Constitution says that the term of MPs end at the date of the elections, it also gives MCA a fixed five year term.

The terms of the President and Governors come to an end when a new one is sworn in.


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