Motorists association backs law on instant fines for traffic offences

Motorist Association of Kenya chairman Peter Murima at a past event. /FILE
Motorist Association of Kenya chairman Peter Murima at a past event. /FILE

Motorists Association of Kenya (MAK) has said it supports the introduction of instant fines for traffic offences.

MAK chairman Peter Murima on Wednesday said that they support the gazette notice on the same.


said the association

participated in the

formulation of the first schedule of minor offences.

"The architects of the new law had the motive to defeat corruption within the traffic police and court corridors," he said.


Murima said the instant fines will solve the problem of bribery on most Kenyan roads.

He said the vice has been brewed on grounds that penalising minor offenders has been so cumbersome and ambiguous.

"Drivers were previously subjected to arbitrary arrests, towing of vehicles on flimsy reasons and losing heavy cash bails under dubious circumstances," Murima said.

"Instant fines will eliminate the negative practices on the roads. Motorists will now for the first time know fine margins and prefer to pay to government instead of bribing officers," he said.

The law accords motorists an option of notice to attend court on a day of their choice within 7 days. This will be when one feels they are not guilty to pay instant fines.

Murima said the National Transport and Safety Authority should not get the credit for introduction of the laws alone.

He said other bodies sat in the special work group under stewardship of National Council on Administration of Justice (NCAJ).

The stakeholders were the Judiciary, Kenya Police, Law Society of Kenya, Motorists Association of Kenya, Office of DPP, Kenya Association of Manufacturers and NTSA.

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