Respect my association with Cord, Karua tells Jubilee

A file photo of Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua. /JACK OWUOR
A file photo of Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua. /JACK OWUOR

Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua has maintained she will not be coerced into working with Jubilee in the run up to the 2017 general election.

Karua stood her ground on calls to join the ruling coalition terming the pressure put on her to quit the opposition a "deliberate distortion".

Mount Kenya leader asked Karua and Peter Kenneth (Kenya National Congress) to immediately

for Jubilee Party, which is set to be .

"(Narc Kenya and I) will enjoy our freedom of association which jubilants so must respect," she wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Karua further asked the Mount Kenya leaders to "acquaint themselves

with the Bill of Rights especially the freedom of association".

A social media user praised her as a potential first woman head of state.

"Do not join, may God grant you wisdom," Jane Oloo added.

Griffiti Ebacha said: "Freedom of choice is ultimate."

User Bramuel Kedi termed Karua the "mother of integrity".

Karua reiterated on June 10 that she will

continue supporting the opposition and said she was not ready to join Jubilee.

She said she was comfortable with her current political association.


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